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Pennsauken, NJ

International Process Equipment Company is an accomplished manufacturer of high powered pulverizers and industrial dryers. Our grinding mills come with a number of advantages including unique structural design, superior air flow and a wide range material processing. Our outstanding pulverizers are supported by highly durable bearings which not only extend the operation of the devices but also provide exceptional stability for large loads. We create rotors which utilize versatile fans that help distribute feed materials prior to grinding while absorbing heat which is caused by the size reduction process. Our highly advanced grinding mills are designed for hassle-free performance and uncompromising value.

Our high quality items can be formed from ceramic parts, tungsten carbide, abrasion resistant steel, D2 tool steel, Tungsten carbide welded overlayments. Our engineers construct grinding mills with a range of grinding speeds from 15 horsepower to 700 horsepower. We are proud to supply the market with machines that are excellent for recycling and other environmentally friendly applications. Our engineers can fabricate a unit with a vertical or horizontal structure both with adjustable air intake ports and easy to replace parts. Each of these configurations comes with distinct advantages and we can assist customers with determining the best pulverizers for their applications.

We also offer various services including: mixing, coating, blending, nitrogen inert atmosphere, cryogenic and cooled grinding. Our teams offer laboratory testing to provide moisture testing and other analysis procedures. International Process Equipment Company manufactures rotormill equipment which is ideal for creating jet fuel, grinding food waste, processing electronic scrap, grinding & drying corn massa, handling fire retardant chemicals and more.

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