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Drying has long played an important role in the history of the development of industry. In fact, far before the concept of industry was conceived of by anyone, ancient civilizations were drying goods and agricultural products for varying purposes and in varying ways. In that sense, the role of drying in our economies and in our lives has not changed. What has changed is the way that we dry things and the scales on which we do it. Since the advent of industrial drying equipment, drying became possible on scales never before imagined, and this made the production of certain products possible on larger scales than had ever been possible before.

In the context of food processing and production, industrial drying equipment such as flash dryers and conveyor dryers made the large-scale, rapid drying of food ingredients a possibility. Grain dryers, for example, are used to dry very large quantities of grains before they are sent to ethanol plants, food processing facilities and other destinations. Freeze dryers made the preservation of food possible in ways that had never been possible before. Without freeze drying, supplying astronauts with food that can be transported to space and eaten there would have been a challenge. Rotary heaters make the large scale drying of industrial chemicals possible, which makes the processes that involve the use of those chemicals possible on large scales.

This is what industrial drying technologies are all about: improving upon an age-old and comparatively basic activity that has been in practice for millennia. Industry has responded to the varied drying needs of industry and commerce with an extensive variety of different drying equipment, and unless humanity suddenly ceases to need to dry things, industrial dryers will continue to be among the most important industrial tools we use.

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